Francis_prof copyFrancis Gris

Coyote (Canis Latrans)

Growing up in Washington D.C. city, our titular dog of the valley has been raised to a life of pure professionalism, devoid of nearly any form of media beyond the pages of a book. Due to his rather literate and strict childhood, Francis is rather sensitized to anything that is slightly out-of-the-ordinary, and as a result gives of an initial bland personally. Highly intellectual, he’s a nice guy and would take a bullet for you.






"Hang on, I'm almost done with this boss"Sean Feldman

Bengal Tiger (Tigris tigris)

Sean’s muscles give the appearance of a jock destined to a life of a super stardom in the sports world, much to his annoyance. His good looks are a mystery,  since he’s a major video game nerd who has never been on a sports team in his life. Forever playing on either his laptop or his portable console he rarely makes time for anything else besides getting to the next level.


Lara_prof copy

Lara Crop

Siberian Husky (Canis Lupus Familiaris Siberius)

This husky is a total die hard fan of Japanese cartoons. She has a vast manga collection that rivals most Japanese libraries. She still has her first comic, Astro Fox, displayed in a glass case in her room.  Her appreciation of the works of anime and manga has inspired her to start work on her own book, much to little avail.






RaoulProfileRaoul Johnson

Lion (Panthera leo)

Born and raised in Silvercreek, Raoul has become immersed and enriched into the town itself. Knowing the ins and outs, every nook and cranny of Silvercreek, he can show you the best places to go for a meal, for supplies or even the laundry. Enamored in the Spirit of the town, Raoul is, essentially, a semi-radical wannabe hippie. Preferring to ride a bike around and stay within the city limits, he is more likely to be seen strolling around downtown or in the local market then at the nearby mall in the next town over.


Lance Blanchard

Wolf (Canis Lupus)

Suave and quite the coffee junkie, Lance Blanchard has quite the attractive personality – and often without intent. Musically talented, this wolf, who is only referred to by his full name, has all the vixens lining up.